Your current registrar can help you get your code.

In the next page, input the authorization code for each domain you are transferring.

Once they click on the link within the email, a page will pop up titled "Transfer Your Domain Name Registration". .

From your account dashboard, click on My Domain Names under the My Products and Services tab, as shown here.

If the domain name (s) you entered is available for transfer, it will be displayed under the "Available for Transfer" heading.

. . I tested this with dig sub.


Transferring a domain name takes between six and six (6) days. . If it complains about an A record not being found I might have a solution.

4. Several domain name extensions, primarily.

Click the Save button.


. Nov 22, 2019 The Domain Name is now unlocked in your Network Solutions Account Manager, it may take up to 24 hours for the update to show throughout the internet.

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To do this, you will need to log into your Network Solutions account and look for the option to transfer a domain name.


We ask you to plan the removal of the Network Solutions Certificate Authority root certificate after December 13, 2022.

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. . Transferring a domain name takes between six and six (6) days. 6. .


See below for a. Several domain name extensions, primarily.

These interconnections are made up of telecommunication network technologies based on physically wired, optical, and.

These standards focus on the application layer, which is "layer 7" in the OSI model.

Click "Launch" next to the domain name to be transferred.

To get an understanding of the Authorization Code, click here.

Note The transfer key is sent to the domain registrant email, ensure it is valid.